Sing with Teknologkören!

Would you like to sing with us? Excellent!

To be able to sing in Teknologkören you are expected to have some prior choral experience and be able to read and sing by sheet music. You will also have to have the time to attend and be committed at rehearsals, concerts, and other performances. If you fit these requirements, you are welcome to sign up for an audition!

Here will follow some information on how an audition works and what you can do to prepare.

You will sing for our conductor and one or two people from the choir. The audition will take about 15 minutes.

At the audition, you will:

We rehearse Thursdays on KTH campus Valhallavägen, between 18:30 and 21:30.

If you want to sign up for an audition, fill in this form. Auditions normally take place in the beginning of the semester, meaning September or January/February.

If you have any questions regarding the auditions, please contact our chairman.