Teknologkören in a film by Uppdrag: Mat


A while ago we got to be a part of recording a short film for the channel Uppdrag: Mat on YouTube! The film is now available here: Vilket land i Norden har godast husmanskost?

Our performance starts at 25:00, but we recommend that you watch all of this lovely film!

Thank you to Uppdrag: Mat and Mauri for this opportunity!

Kongl. Teknologkören's 90th anniversary jubilee


Berwaldhallen has decided to cancel all concerts scheduled during March, and with that our jubilee concert too. We are working on finding a new date and venue. You can find information regarding purchased tickets on Berwaldhallen's website.

Year 2020 it's Teknologkören's 90th anniversary, and we want to celebrate that with you on the 28th of March! There will be a big jubilee concert in Berwaldhallen with dinner and partying after that.

More information is on the way, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates.

If you want an invitation sent to your e-mail, please fill out this form.

Tickets for the concert are now available on Berwaldhallen's webpage!


Saturday the 28 of March

Canceled until further notice.


Teknologkören is looking for new members!


The auditions are over for this time. Thank you to all applicants!

Looking for a choir to join? Join Kongl. Teknologkören this semester! To schedule an audition, fill out the following form:

Kongliga Teknologkoren (KTK) is a mixed choir started in 1930 with around 50 members and we are currently seeking singers of all voices! We rehearse Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm at KTH’s central campus. The rehearsals are in English with the occasional Swedish here and there.

In the spring of 2020 we'll celebrate our 90 years of existence with a large jubilee concert in Berwaldhallen! So if you join now you will be able to participate in this rather big project...

You can find more information about the auditions on "Sing with us". The auditions are set for the 22nd and 26th of January.

We hope to see you there and we hope that you join our soon to be 90 year old community!

Julkonsert med Kongl. Teknologkören


As the December coldth approaches, Kongl. Teknologkören will be hosting christmas concerts in Adolf Fredriks Church, one at 3PM and one at 5PM on the 7th of December. We'll be spreading light and warmth with a Lucia procession and traditional, as well as some more modern, Christmas songs.

Tickets are available on and at the entrance
Standard ticket: 150:-
Student/18 or younger: 80:-

Conductor: Rikard Lindberg Karlsson

Welcome into the warmth!


Saturday the 7th of December, 3pm and 5pm

Adolf Fredriks Kyrka

Meta (Musik om Musik)


Welcome to a concert with Kongl. Teknologkören under the direction of Rikard Lindberg Karlsson. The concert consists of ten different pieces by various composers from different parts of the world. We'll sing classical Swedish choir music by David Wikander and Andreas Hallén, as well as more modern music by Edward Elgar and Francis Poulenc. Join us in welcoming 18 new choir members as we sing about the joy of music!

Tickets can be purchased now at, or at Norrmalmskyrkan from 3:30 PM on the day of the concert.

Norrmalmskyrkan, Norrtullsgatan 37
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